Niko Villegas’ Light and Motion Workshop focused on shooting using your own lighting setup and considering colors and motion in your images.

What I liked about this shoot was that we were taught how to shoot against strobes and also setup our own lights in the process. The staff was really accommodating and even helped out when the participants were having issues setting up their lights for the first time.

Was really happy that I got to learn how to really setup my own lights and shoot the way I want to. Niko Villegas’ Light and Motion Workshop really helped me in ways to further improve what I had little knowledge of in terms of lighting models and using color to add more depth to my images.

Here’s my shot of our model Daniella Freitas:

Niko Villegas Light And Motion Workshop

Rating: 4 out of 5

For more insights on what workshops to avail, or what workshops I have been into, please follow this link.

Niko Villegas. Was born, and grew up amidst a life of art and photography. Named after the famous camera brand, he was introduced to the arts at a very tender age by his Dad. Soon he grew up and studied AB Communication Arts at the Ateneo de Davao University. He started photography in college as an elective in school and moved on to work for local dailies and websites. Niko decided to broaden his horizon and moved to the United States in 2006 to pursue a second degree, which was a BA in Photography at The Art Center Design College, Albuquerque, New Mexico. After finishing his second degree in 2008, Niko moved to New York City where he landed an apprenticeship with Ace Lensman Xander Angeles. He spent almost two years in the Big Apple honing his craft even more. Culled from his father’s conventional and meticulous techniques, he treats the medium like traditional photography, where everything must be in order before clicking the shutter, and to not be dependent on postproduction as much as possible. He took up fine art darkroom film photography in school, while shooting digital side by side. Concentrating on portraiture, fashion and advertising photography, his major influences and inspirations apart from his Dad are his mentor Xander Angeles, Jerry Ghionis, Chase Jarvis, and Richard Avedon. Currently, Niko is based in Manila, Philippines and works for Edge of Light Studios. He shoots for the country’s top publications and major advertising campaigns. He also endorses Phottix Photography equipment, Lowepro bags, Wacom Cintiq tablets and is the youngest X Photographer in the Philippines. 


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