Jerico Montemayor’s Illuminate Workshop is another informative workshop by Sir Jerico organized by the Studio 54 gang. This workshop tackled shooting indoor and outdoor and how different light conditions and shooting angles will help you shoot beautiful images.

Jerico Montemayor’s Illuminate Workshop also had a question and answer segment which helped us participants ask questions not limited to the workshop’s scope. This showed how much Sir Jericho was experienced in his field as he was able to answer almost all questions on the spot.

The only thing that I didn’t like was the model being 1-2 hours late. That being said, we had an hour of so being idle which led to more time discussing theories, concerns, and covering Sir Jericho’s portfolio. When the model arrived and got finished with makeup, we dived directly into shooting outdoors. There, Sir Jericho showed us how to shoot against the sun to produce amazing lens flare shots and afterwards we proceeded indoors to shoot with strobes.

Although she was late, what I did like about the the model was she was really stunning — she reminded me of Marian Rivera. Here’s my shot of Yassi Benitez:

Jerico Montemayor Illuminate Workshop

Rating: 3 out of 5

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Jericho Montemayor. Is a portrait, fashion, and glamour photographer from Quezon City, Philippines. He is a contributing photographer to several publications such as FHM Philippines, Uno Magazine, Brand Magazine, The New You Magazine, Manila Bulletin (Students & Campuses), Playground Magazine, and View Magazine, Etc. as well as to several advertising companies.


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