The Muse, a FREE Photobook Download by Erick Cruz — For Aspiring Models
The Muse, a FREE Photobook Download by Erick Cruz — For Aspiring Models

One of my initial projects earlier when I started photography was to give awareness to models (pro or aspiring) on how it should be when dealing with photographers.

The Muse: A model’s guide to working with photographers

I've been working long enough to have heard and had horror

stories from fellow photographers and also modes on some

glaring issues which are open secrets in the industry. We get new subjects every year, and I still hear the same recurring themes for some. There will be those unicorns that will just be a delight to work with (both photographers and models) – you know who you are, but for some, they will just be ‘meh.’ It is not their fault, it was just

they didn't know or they are probably just born that way.

I hope this guide will help aspiring and current models to learn a thing or two in working with photographers. Photographers, this can probably help you too, in some way. Just my two cents. Let's make shooting and collaborating healthy, safe and enjoyable for each other.

Feel free to add in your comments or views if you agree or have

something to add unto some of the item I've listed here.

If you think this will help an of your friends in some way, please don’t hesitate to share it to them. Keep safe everyone and respect each other.

This was initially just a post in my earlier accounts, but decided to turn it into my third book. The second FREE e-book after RooftopSesh.

I do hope you enjoy the PDF as much as I enjoyed shooting and creating it.

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