Jerico Montemayor’s Pro-Grade Portfolio Workshop is very informative. This was organized by the Studio 54 gang. I even got to shoot FHM Philippines and Premiere Vixens’ model, Miss Bianca Peralta. Enjoy sobra! 🙂

Jerico Montemayor’s Pro-Grade Portfolio Workshop tackles lighting and shooting with strobes. What I appreciated about this workshop was a full set design wherein we were able to shoot Bianca Peralta in several settings. Sir Jerico also will talk about different lighting styles and also a few of his favorites.

I had a funny story during this shoot which up until today, members of the original Studio 54 gang would remember. I didn’t have enough sleep the day prior to the workshop — I think I only had an hour. So I attended the workshop a bit dazed because it started early. I am also not a coffee drinker, because I preferred Milo or hot chocolate over a caffein beverage. They only served coffee that day. So I had two thinking it will help me wake up a bit and enjoy whatever Sir Jerico had to impart to his participants. I was awake the whole time, but the side-effect was really funny — I was shaking. So the whole time I was shooting, I couldn’t focus properly because my body was shaking all over. The model, Miss Bianca and Sir Jericho was even laughing because it was so hard for me to get my focus straight. Even had one of the organizers hold me down just to get shots properly. LOL! This is one of my few funny moments when starting photography.

Here’s one of my outputs from the workshop:

Jerico Montemayor Pro Grade Portfolio Workshop

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Jericho Montemayor. Is a portrait, fashion, and glamour photographer from Quezon City, Philippines. He is a contributing photographer to several publications such as FHM Philippines, Uno Magazine, Brand Magazine, The New You Magazine, Manila Bulletin (Students & Campuses), Playground Magazine, and View Magazine, Etc. as well as to several advertising companies.


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