Fade Longboy’s Siesta Series Workshop was one of my more awaited wokshops because of the fact that I just recently found him at the time. I was starting to find my own style then and I wanted to look different from the rest of the photographers I followed. Then one day via Tumblr, I found Fade posting these amazing pics with his friend Jash Manuel.

Fade Longboy’s Siesta Series Workshop focused on colors and Fade’s take into how he shoots his subjects. What I liked most about this was Fade was able to properly discuss how he does his thing in Lightroom and how he tweaks colors to suit his feeling for the shoot. This was my first ever crash course to color grading (to style) compared to color grading (for correct colors) by Jo Avila. I guess my only bit to it was that we were too many, and I found that the session was a bit like an open shoot. Otherwise, I had a lot of takeaways from this workshop.

Here are my money shots from both models:

Krisca Morales

Fade Longboy Siesta Series Workshop

Karen Punzalan

Fade Longboy Siesta Series Workshop

Rating: 4 out of 5

For more insights on what workshops to avail, or what workshops I have been into, please follow this link.

Fade Longboy. Brewed as a filmmaker in his college years, Joseph “Fade” Longboy, challenged his skills to explore the capacities of his chosen craft as a visual storyteller. Longboy earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication at the Far Eastern University-Manila. In 2009 he was awarded (one of three students) with a film scholarship at the University of Southern California for their Fusion Arts Exchange Program: Screenwriting and Directing Program. Since 2007, Fade Longboy was exposed to various independent film productions of friends, as well as a handful of commercials and corporate AVP’s. His course as a filmmaker was diverted in 2011 as he ventured into TV production when he became Cameraman for TV 5 and Segment Producer and Assistant Director for Pinoy Big Brother. Later that year, he resigned when he discovered photography. His passion in photography is well known over the internet. His photos flocked social networking sites in the Philippines and other countries as well. ”Siesta Series”, “Erotica Series”, and various “Video Portraits” are some of his raved works that delivered a different taste of eroticism, simplicity, and third-world feel in the photographer’s community.


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