Met half of my best photography buddies in Jo Avila’s Basic Photography Seminar. Most of which are now known in their own field of expertise.

Jo Avila’s Basic Photography Seminar is one of the best starter workshops that a newbie should go to. Unfortunately, I did this later rather than sooner, but I still appreciated know that I did some of what I did correctly 🙂

I would recommend this to anyone. Jo Avila’s Basic Photography Seminar will provide you insights on the basics of what you really need to know and further provide you with a good foundation should you pursue photography either as a hobby or professionally in the future.

Topics tackled were very broad, from using your camera, ISO, shutter speed and aperture relationship, etc. Jo Avila’s Basic Photography Seminar even came with handouts and videos which really gave the bang for value for money. Note that not all workshops will provide you this! So this is worth noting.

Included with the handouts, we were also given videos. Here’s what the videos will tackle, should you decide to avail of this workshop:

  1. Setting Up Photoshop
  2. Image Processor
  3. Camera RAW Conversion
  4. Crop Tool Perspective
  5. Straightening the Horizon
  6. Color By Numbers
  7. Basic Retouching
  8. Interpolation
  9. Batch Actions
  10. Digital Black & White
  11. Softproofing

Apart from the technical aspects of the workshop, we were given certain challenges/assignments that we would need to do for us to further understand the topics that were discussed. Here’s a pic of my dad. One of our homeworks for the seminar:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

For more insights on what workshops to avail, or what workshops I have been into, please follow this link.

Jo Avila is one of the Philippines’ most respected photographers and instructors, and a Datacolor Spyder endorser at the time I took my Basic Photography Course.


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