Gear List + Workflow Tools

For some of who who are wondering what gears/software I use for my photography/filmmaking hobby. Here’s a breakdown of all of it 🙂

Standard Camera Gear

Am still unable to let go of my Nikon because I am unable to let go of the color and the lenses that I have with it. For shoots, I bring all of these:

Gear Description
Sony A7III My backup main camera.
Sony FE 85mm 1.8 My main lens when shooting with my A7III
Sony FE 50mm 1.8 My go-to lens when the 85mm is too tight for shooting
Sony 28-70mm Kit Lens Lens backup
5-in-1 Reflector  
Benro C1691T Tripod  
Generic LED Lights For a little boost if light is scarce
Eneloop Batteries  

Other Gears/Accessories

If I would be travelling with the wife and pack, or would like to do some cinematic time-lapses, hyper-lapses, or drone shots, I would consider also bringing these:

Gear Description
Mavic Pro (Fly More Bundle) We need a portable drone!
Polar Pro Vivid Collection For that smooth 24fps shutter speed
Honsky Remote Control Protector  
Kuuqua Landing Gear Extensions  
iPhone X or phone I currently have  
DJI Osmo Mobile + Base For run-and-gun vlogging and timelapses
Rode VideoMicro + SC7 cable For awesome audio
DJI Osmo Mobile Universal Mount Adapter For attaching the VideoMicro and Tripod
Macbook Pro 15″ Laptop Not really a fan of bringing it. But just in case my trip is longer than usual.
Travel adapter Don’t leave home without it!

Camera Bags

Depending on the amount of gear I will be bringing, I would usually use either of these three bags:

Gear Description
LowePro Fastpack 100 When you just need 1 camera body and a few lenses
Crumpler – C-List Celebrity Medium When I am bringing a whole lotta gear
NatGeo A5270 Rucksack My travel backpack. Fits a camera body + 2 lenses, my drone, osmo mobile, mini-tripods and laptop

Workflow Tools 

My standard tools for post-processing and video editing are as follows:

Software/Tool Description
Audacity For editing tracks
Final Cut Pro X For editing/compiling videos
Adobe Photography Bundle For editing photos I use the Adobe Photography bundle which has both Lightroom and Photoshop — best deal ever if you ask me.
iMac 27″ Desktop My main workstation! Still the best out there compared to the laptop 🙂
WD My Book Studio EXT HD 3TB My workstation’s Time Capsule for instant backup
Western Digital – My Passport 4TB My external archive drive for all of my pictures/videos 🙂

So there you have it. If you are interested to buy any of these, please help and support me by clicking on the affiliate links I have provided. Not only will you be getting a better deal, you will also further aid me in my GAS addiction by enabling me to guy more gear (evil laugh). Thanks!}