“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” – Paul Caponigro

Erick started photography in 2011 when he bought his first camera in New York, a Nikon D7000. His prime passion is taking portraits, and it has been relevant in his first lens of choice, the 85mm f1.4.He spends most of his time doing a corporate slave’s work or either with his favourite people in the world, his huskies and girlfriend wife in Manila — he is only able to shoot whenever he finds time in-between.He hopes that he would one day create one notable project in the Photography Industry.

Erick has been at this about page for more than 30 minutes now. Erick is now thinking that this is taking too much of his time and, “Do you really have to write your About page in the 3rd person?”

He guesses, “Yes.” Erick hopes that you do contact him below.

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See my works in various brands and local and international magazine contributions such as:

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ConceptWise, Privé Luxury Club, XPert Chemicals, Glam Prints & Favors, Lisbonafied Makeup, Beef.PH, Ok. Okay Mag, Bravo Filipino Magazine, The Photographer’s Directory, Last Daze, Mulat Mag, B-Authentique, Fuse Magazine, Fuzz Magazine to name a few.


I primarily work with a full-frame camera and prime lenses. For a complete list of my gear, please check out this link.